Helpline: 0208 497 4622

Helpline: 0208 497 4622


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We offer a programme that provides affiliates with an excellent opportunity to build an additional, reliable revenue stream by introducing any of our service to their clients.

Why you should become an affiliate
  • Our commission structure is simple and rewards affiliates for their continuous efforts, not just for the first sale. We offer recurring commissions from all the top-ups the clients make, and we do not cap affiliates' earning potential.
  • We have an exceptionally high customer loyalty and customer satisfaction rate which directly translates into commission.
  • Commission is paid monthly and on time.
  • We provide an excellent service and support to both affiliates and end users.
How to become an affiliate

Becoming an Auracall affiliate is quick and straightforward:

  • A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you. This point of contact will be available to assist you and answer all your questions.
  • We will allocate a unique set of keywords and access numbers for you, through which all top-ups can be identified and commission paid.
  • Our creative team will provide you with customized advertising materials.
  • You will be assigned an Auracall landing page, which will display your keywords and access numbers.
  • In order to earn a commission you will need to distribute Auracall promotional materials in your publication in a form of a print insertion for print media and/or a banner for online media. We can provide the necessary promotion materials
  • Sales and commission statistics will be made available to you through the affiliate log in platform.
What you will get as an affiliate
  • An additional, reliable revenue stream
  • Ongoing commissions paid promptly
  • Online reports of generated sales and traffic
  • Marketing support in terms of promotional materials design, sales promotion efforts and direct marketing (sms, e-mail)
  • Dedicated website extension to generate more sales and in consequence - commissions
  • Help to meet the needs and requirements of your target audience
  • Account management

If you are interested in becoming an Auracall affiliate please fill in the sign-up form or contact us directly on 020 8497 4622.