Helpline: 0208 497 4622

Helpline: 0208 497 4622


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How do I use Auracall Classic?

Call the Auracall Classic access number for your international destination. Dial the complete international number (including the country code). Press #. You're connected!

Is there an account to Open?

There is no account to open! You just dial the access number for the international destination you're calling. The call charges will appear on your normal phone bill.

Do I pay any extra charges for using Auracall Classic?

Auracall Classic will not charge you any additional fees for using the service. We show the access number for your destination with a pence per minute rate, the advertised price includes VAT at 20%. Rates shown are what you would pay if you were a BT Residential customer on 1st May 2012. BT apply an 13.87 pence call set-up fee for each call. If you use another provider or call from your mobile you should check the rate your provider charges before you make a call through our service.

Why do I need to press the # button?

Dialling # after the international number notifies our system that you have finished dialling, and will increase the speed of connection. If you forget to press # you will still be connected. Do not press the call button after dialling your international number, as this will disconnect you from our service and may result in your international call being made directly via your network provider.

Who bills me for calls made using Auracall Classic?

You'll see the charges for calls to Auracall Classic access numbers on your normal phone bill from your provider (usually BT, TalkTalk, NTL:Telewest/Virgin Media or your mobile provider). Please note that the onward international call information will not be itemised on your bill. As your normal telephone provider bills you for the calls, not Auracall Classic, all you will be able to see is the detail your telephone supplier provides you with. We, unfortunately, cannot supply itemised call records.

How are Auracall Classic calls charged?

You will be charged from the moment you are connected to Auracall Classic, not the moment the call is answered at the other end. As we want our customers to benefit from no registration, low prices and access from all networks, we unfortunately cannot change this. However, should your call not be answered, you will be informed by our operator and disconnected. Your call may take two minutes.

How much will a call cost me using Auracall Classic?

First, choose your country, the price to call this destination is then displayed. This is the price per minute for your call and includes VAT. When calling from a BT landline, a 13.87 pence Call Set up Fee is applied by BT. If you make a 5 minute call to Poland using 0843 015 3030 (our 0.5 pence/min access number), you will be charged 5 x 0.5p/min plus the 13.87p call set up fee - the total charge being 16.37 pence. Please note that charges from other service providers may differ. Please check with your service or network provider before making a call to be sure of the rate they charge. You may also want to check if call connection or set up fees are applied, and whether the charges are calculated per second or minute.

I've been charged the full international cost for the call; how did this happen?

Does the full international destination number show on your telephone bill? If it does show; this means that, when making your call, you haven't dialled the Auracall Classic access number before dialling your international destination. Please remember to always use Auracall Classic access number to maximise your savings on international calls.

How do I find out the peak, off-peak and weekend rates?

Auracall Classic access numbers have one low rate at all times of day. Please note that Rates shown are what you will pay if you are a BT Together Option One; charges from other service providers may differ. Please check with your service or network provider before making a call to be sure of the rate they charge. You may also want to check if call connection or set up fees are applied, and whether the charges are calculated per second or minute.

I think Auracall Classic has charged too much for my call(s).

Auracall Classic cannot overcharge you. The rates to our access numbers are set by Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator. It is common practise for all landline service providers to adhere to the charges set by Ofcom (Mobile users please read Can I use Auracall Classic from my mobile?) The rates you are actually charged on your bill depend on the prices set by your service provider. Auracall, unfortunately, have no influence on their billing system, nor do we receive a penny extra of any surcharge applied. We advise you to get in touch with your service provider to protest your bill. Should your service provider not settle the issue satisfactorily please visit Ofcom's website at

How do I contact Auracall Classic

Call our 24x7 helpline number 020 8497 4622 or send us an email.

Can I use Auracall Classic from my mobile?

Yes, you can. You should be aware that the rate for the call to Auracall Classic may be higher from your mobile than from a landline. How much you will be charged depends on your mobile operator and which tariff plan you have. Please note your mobile operator controls this rate on their billing system. We unfortunately have no influence on what they may charge, nor do we receive a penny extra of any higher amount. We advise you to get in touch with your mobile phone provider to double check their rates to our access numbers. If you want to make cheaper international calls from your mobile then why not try Auracall T-Talk.

Operator Contact number
Three08707 330 333
O208705 214 000
Orange0800 80 10 80
T-Mobile08454 121 121
Virgin0845 6000 789
Vodafone07836 191 191

Can I use Auracall Classic from payphones?

Our access numbers are accessible from any UK phone, including payphones. However, be aware that calls from payphones could be surcharged and may cost more than the price stated on this website.

Can I use Auracall Classic if I'm a NTL:Telewest/Virgin Media customer?

Auracall Classic access numbers can be used from most landlines including NTL:Telewest/Virgin Media. The billing process for Auracall Classic access numbers works exactly the same as with BT; the charges will simply appear on your NTL:Telewest/Virgin Media bill. NTL:Telewest/Virgin Media should charge the same low rates as BT for Auracall Classic access numbers. However, if you would like to check their rates please visit their respective website. Should you encounter a problem with your telephone bill please contact your provider directly as they set the rates they charge you to our access numbers on their own billing systems.

Can I use Auracall Classic when I travel outside the UK?

Auracall Classic's service is only available for calls originating within the UK. So if you live abroad or if you are on holiday outside the UK you will not be able to take advantage of our services.

Some of Auracall Classic access numbers don't work for me?

Some UK operators may not allow calls to Auracall Classic access numbers. You should contact your provider and ask them to make the number available for you to use. Calls to 09 numbers could be barred from your phone. Please contact your service provider to have the bar lifted. Some Indirect Access providers do not allow calls to some or all of our access numbers. If you normally dial an Indirect Access code before your calls you simply omit this code and dial the Auracall Classic access number directly. Omitting the Indirect Access code means the Auracall Classic call will be charged by your phone line provider (usually BT).

Why did you change the Auracall access number that I normally use?

Our access numbers have a fixed rate attached to them. We always try to offer the best prices possible and if the price changes, the access number has to change as well. Every time our Auracall Classic buying team are able to negotiate a better deal with suppliers we pass this discount on to our customers by lowering certain destinations even further! To ensure you are always calling the cheapest access number possible, simply register your e-mail address and keep up with the latest offers and price reductions from Auracall, Simply tell us which country you usually call, and register your email address with us.

Why don't I get calls to Auracall Classic access numbers included in my 'inclusive' minutes?

Many providers only include calls to geographic or mobile destinations within any 'inclusive' minutes - numbers generally beginning 01, 02, 03 and 07 - as such numbers like Auracall Classic access numbers are excluded and will be charged like any destinations that are not part of the package that you have arranged with your provider. It is always best to check the rate that your provider charges before you call.

The Auracall access number for my destination is 09; are these expensive?

09 numbers are classified as premium rate; however prices for premium rate numbers vary enormously depending on which number you are ringing. Premium rate number charges start from as little as 5p/min and can be less than your normal international rate - this means we can offer the call to you for less!

How much can I save using Auracall Classic?

To see how much you can save compared to BT check out BT's price lists - you'll be pleased you used Auracall Classic! Not with BT? Just check against the rate on your provider's website - you'll be amazed at the savings with Auracall Classic!