Helpline: 0208 497 4622

Helpline: 0208 497 4622


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Do I need to open an account or pre-register?

No, all you need to do is top-up T-Talk credit. For your convenience we offer several top-up methods: you can do it directly from your mobile by sending an SMS or dialling our UK landline access number, or online using your credit/debit card or via PayPal. Please check the T-Talk product page for detailed top-up instructions.

Once the top-up is completed, we will notify you with a confirmation text message. The SMS will also include instructions on how to make a call.

I have my Auracall T-Talk credit. How do I dial an international number?

Dial the access number which you received in the confirmation text message, for example 0370 041 3001, followed by your full, international destination number. Please wait to be connected or press #.

How much does it cost to call the 0370 041 0030 access number?

Calling our access number will be charged at your network's standard rate to a landline or may be used as part of your monthly inclusive minutes. We advise you check this with your network provider.

Why do I need to press the # button?

Dialling # after the international number notifies our system that you have finished dialling, and will increase the speed of connection. If you forget to press # you will still be connected. Do not press the green button (or call button) after dialling your international number, as this will disconnect you from our service and may result in your international call being made directly via your network provider.

Are your call rates the same at any time of the day?

Yes, Auracall T-Talk cheap international call prices are the same during any time of day, using any network.

Is there a daily charge or connection fee?

There are no daily charges on Auracall T-Talk. T-Talk one-off connection fee between 0p and 25p may apply for specific destinations. For details please check the T-Talk product page. Credit expires 90 days from your last top-up.

I am experiencing problems dialling certain destination numbers. Who should I contact?

Please call our customer support team on 020 8497 4622.

I have been charged the full international rate by my network provider instead of the low cost Auracall rate. What should I do?

If you have been charged the full international rate and international calls appear on your telephone bill, it means that your calls are being routed directly via your mobile operator and not via us. When using our service, only our access number should appear on your bill. Therefore, this charge may occur if you have pressed the green button (or dial button) again after entering your international number. If you press the green (or dial) button twice (i.e. once after our access number and again after the international number), your mobile will disconnect you from your initial call to our 0370 access number and connect you directly abroad via your mobile network. To prevent being charged if this occurs, you should bar international calling on your mobile.

What is 'automatic top-up'?

Auracall T-Talk automatic top-up is a feature that allows you to top-up your account credit automatically when your credit runs low. You will hear a warning message before the automatic top-up takes place. You can either hang up and top-up your account manually or continue talking on the phone. If you choose to stay on the line when your credit is low, your mobile network will be automatically charged with the initial amount you have topped-up. Your Auracall T-Talk account will then be credited and you will receive a text message confirming that your mobile has been charged.

I have not received a confirmation message. Was my mobile charged?

No. The confirmation message is proof that you have been charged. If you have not received this message, it means we were unable to charge you. This could mean that you do not have sufficient credit on your mobile or there are network delays. If you have any questions, please call our customer support team on 020 8497 4622.

I have sent multiple messages to top-up my account, but none of my attempts have been successful. What should I do?

If you have sent a text, please check that you sent the correct keyword to the correct number. You should also ensure that your mobile phone SMS inbox has not exceeded its limit. If you are a Pay As you Go user, you need to have a minimum of £5.20 on your account. If all your attempts have failed, you should contact your mobile network operator, as your phone may be blocked from sending Premium Rate SMS. If you have any questions please call our Customer Service team on 020 8497 4622.

I have blocked my account by sending STOP. What should I do now?

If you send a text message with the keyword STOP to 89910, you will not be able to automatically top-up your account or receive any of our updates/messages regarding cheap international calls. To gain access to our automatic top-up services and to receive updates from us again, text START to 89910. If you want to top-up your T-Talk credit again, visit the product page and check instructions on how to top-up via SMS or online.

How can I switch off the automatic top-up if I purchase my credit online?

You can switch off the automatic top-up option anytime by emailing us, stating your full name and your mobile number. One of our Customer Service advisors will call you back to confirm the automatic top-up option has been switched off. You can reactivate this option by writing to us again. Please note that if you cancel the automatic top-up, we will attempt to charge your mobile via reverse SMS billing. You will therefore need to text STOP to 89905 or 89910 to fully cancel this feature.

I have stopped my automatic top-up by sending STOP to 89905 or 89910. I would like to activate this option again. What should I do?

You can re-activate your automatic top-up by texting START to 89905 or 89910. You can cancel automatic top-up later on by texting STOP to 89905 or 89910. Please note that this does not apply to automatic top-up online.

Can I use my Auracall T-Talk international calling credit from abroad?

T-Talk top-up credit can be used from different countries around the world. If you wish to make cheap international calls whilst abroad, simply dial the appropriate access number. Costs are shown in pence per minute and are in addition to the T-Talk rates and roaming charges.

Click here to find international calling rates when abroad

Can I top-up my Auracall T-Talk credit by phone?

Yes. Simply dial 0370 041 0030 and follow the instructions. You will be given three options to top-up your using your telephone key pad. Wait for our confirmation text message.

What will happen if I run out of credit and my account is not on Auto top-up?

We will inform you when you run out of credit; you will be given three options to top up using your telephone key pad. Simply choose the option required and follow the instructions.